Fair Trade Production Week 3 & 4

In between weeks of production, my group and I interacted via social media to keep on track with our film. By the end of week two, I started to discuss poster ideas with the director. I came up with 3 ideas and we narrowed it down to 2. We incorporated themes into the poster from the dystopian films. Have a look at the social media and poster blog post for more detail.

Week 3

We began week 3 of the production filming at a Church, just outside the city centre of Sheffield. This scene was the longest take of the film as we went against the storyboards and decided to shoot it all in one take. This idea for this scene was complex in various ways. We had to think about the lighting situation for the office and how we wanted to shoot this composition.

When it came to the first time filming at the the Church, we came across some issues that was out of our control. The FS700 (the camera that we used for the film) was taken even though we booked out it beforehand, so we had to postponed filming. We spoke to the actors and rescheduled for a later date when we had acquired the camera.

The original idea for this scene was going to take place showing the story in various compositions but the director decided to portray the story in a diverse manner by shooting it all in one take. The scene involved using a slider on a tripod, whilst I tracked and panned back and forth between the protagonists. The idea behind this was to highlight the visual storytelling portrayed in the camera work and took a while to get.

One of the complex issues we had facing this scene was to focus the camera on the character that was talking whilst smoothly panning back and forth. After we finished this scene, we shot the outdoor stalking scene that is seen at the end of the film. We were limited to light sources whilst we were outside the industrial estate because we wanted to get a natural sourced of light but this led to some of the shots behind grainy, and unusable.

Week 4

This was the final week of production and we had less than 3 scenes to finish this week. As we were already behind on filming, we wanted to get these done as quick as possible but sticking to the original storyboards and shot list. We began by filming the riverside sequence and had to get rid of the car park scene, due to not getting enough extras and being behind on the schedule.

For the riverside sequence, we had to use a different camera to the FS700 because we wanted to use a steadicam for the tracking shots following the protagonists. We acquired a Canon 5D MIII and began to shoot two of the tracking shots by the river but they needed ADR due to the industrial ambience.

As we came across several interferences during this week of filming, this put us behind into the post-production week and we still had to finish the ADR session with the actors. The last scene that we shot was from the start of the film, and it was the body drop into the river over the bridge. In this scene, we had to talk to the police to let them know and get permission for filming this scene. We had to acquire 6 extras for this sequence as well as having the main protagonist there. When it came to filming, the most complex part of it was throwing the made up body over the side of the bridge into the river, whilst having an effective way to retrieve the body. As the actors threw the body over the side of the bridge, the director had attached rope to the body so we could easily get it back. Although this would seem the most complex part of the film, it didn’t take long to acquire all the shots that we needed to get and that was the final part of filming with the actors.

Conversely, we looked at all the footage in the post-production suite and then the director and I started to film exterior shots around the industrial part of Sheffield. After we finalised filming, the director and I assisted the editor in the post-production suite so we could all voice our opinion and come up with diverse ideas of portraying the narrative within the film.


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