Fair Trade Pre-Production Materials

Effectively working within my production group, I have generated a better understanding of cinematography over the past two semesters. Collaborating with individuals in my group, I discussed the pre-production materials I was going to undertake throughout this semester. I started to hand draw the films storyboards on Photoshop, throughout the start of the semester, whilst getting guidance from the director. We discussed each composition and scene in detail to thoroughly plan the production.

Commencing the pre-production process, I started to generate mood boards for inspiration and to get an overall visual style for the film. I researched directors such as Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick, who incorporate one-shot perspectives into their films and it was something I was looking at doing. Producing several avant-garde films in the past, I’m passionate about filming and experimenting with various ways of how I can portray a protagonist’s story. After completing the storyboards, I started to get feedback from the director to see if there were anymore shots that needed to be incorporated into the production and then I began the floor plans.

After acquiring all the locations from the producer, I wanted to go into detail with each location to plan the lighting and camera composition within every scene. Conversely, before production took place, I took pictures of all the locations to get a sense of the lighting situation, power sources for the required lighting and any additional notes. Finishing the floor plans, I started to produce a shot list for the director and producer, so we could work on the production schedule.

After completing all the required pre-production material, I printed off all the documents   and took them to each production shoot. I wanted the production crew and cast to get a better understanding of all the shots I wanted to incorporate into the film, and if they had any constructive criticism.

Fair Trade Storyboards

Fair Trade Floor Plans

Fair Trade Shot List

Fair Trade Shot Design




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