Urban Creativitiy

Street art or ‘graffiti’ as most people like to call it, is visual art created in public places. I’ve always been fascinated with street art from a young age. Reading about famous UK artists such as King Robbo, Cartrain and Banksy has always motivated me to go out and explore urban surroundings. Commuting from Derby to Sheffield has changed my outlook on this. At first, I thought graffiti was vandalism but now I see beyond that. The imagination and ingenuity some of these artists have are always inspiring me to produce innovative content. As influential as their art has on me, I still carry on to show my creativity through my photography and film making.

Personally, I think inspiration is all around us. When we’re walking down the street we might see something that inspires us to create a diverse visual representation of how we feel or act towards that sort of element. For example, when I explore these abandoned places I don’t see a neglected building waiting to be demolished, I see art and originality. I see a community of artists, showcasing their creativity throughout these buildings. There are arguments for and against street art. Graffiti is still considered an illegal act because it is destruction of property. Graffiti ‘tagging’ and graffiti ‘art’ are two entirely divergent pieces of ingenuity. Someone could call themselves a ‘graffiti artist’ for tagging on public property, getting known and their name out there however, others beg to differ. Most of these places I’ve explored in the past you see detailed, innovative works of art. Artists spend time prepping, executing their work and most of the public won’t see it, due to being secluded and isolated from the city. Walking around the city center, you’ll come across work from notorious Sheffield based artists. Rocket01 concentrates on mural, graffiti and fine art. Further researching about Sheffield based artists, I’ve found out that there is a immense community out there. Graffiti has always influenced me to explore and research new locations. I always feel inspired because I think about how I can use these to my advantage, creating music videos or a short film etc. I’ve explored a vast amount of places in the past, but one of my favourites is the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.

Street art has always been an inspiration to me. I’ve shown it in my photography and film making. I tend to distance myself from the conventional photograph or video. I want to demonstrate my imagination and inventiveness throughout my creativity. I’m always open to exploring new ways of film making and photography, to get a better understanding and to appreciate it to a new extent. Ultimately, there isn’t a right or wrong way of making a film, or taking the ‘perfect’ photograph. One of my favouirte photographers got asked a question on his blog. I’ve always stuck by this and it can apply to anything. If you’re truly passionate about something, once you get a better understanding and appreciation for it, it’ll open your mind to new perceptions and inevitably you can think outside the box, a sense of lateral thinking.

4                                                                                        Van Styles, vanstyles.tumblr.com 

Conversely, I’m not limiting ‘urban creativity’ to just street art. Creativity can be anything. I’ve always been a creative person, drawing, reading, photography and film making are the things I enjoy doing. The one thing I like about making a blog is I can write whatever I feel like, but in relation to the module. Trying new things, pushing yourself to limits and staying motivated. Exploring your surroundings will open up your creative instinct to many other possibilities. We all have the potential to be creative and delve into our imagination. Why would you not experiment, try something different and transpire into a ‘creative’ mindset? Are people afraid of being judged, singled out for not doing the right thing? There are eternal capabilities of getting inspiration and I think the world needs more creative risk takers.


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